A Mother’s Quest To Galvanize America

to impact the future of Autism

A Documentary Film by Vana Thiero

America Faces an Astronomical Crisis

Attempting to House Clothe & Feed

The almost Half Million (1 in 68) children born each Year diagnosed with Autism

When They Are Older and Their Parents Are Gone

It Is Possible To Help Special Needs Adults Live Dignified Lives

This Film Has Assembled Deeply Vested Experts Who Point The Way

Creating Work, Housing & Education Initiatives

To Prepare For The Future of Autism

Filmmaker and Autism Advocate Vana Thiero, a single parent of two sons on the spectrum, boldly reveals the pain, triumphs & challenges in order to inform, inspire and evoke a Call-To-Action to improve lifestyle conditions for the Special Needs Culture.

You may have wanted, in some way, to do something for people with Autism. This is your opportunity to help. Donate now to make a difference. Thank you.

Autism Media endeavors to help people understand Autism by portraying the multi-layered world of those affected within the Autism Culture honestly and accurately, including the joy, pain, fear, love, humor, confusion, faith and fight that comes with it in order to impact legislation and education, improve employment opportunities, health care services and social inclusion.

With the global epidemic, as reported by the CDC (2018) 1 in 59 children are diagnosed in America each year and (2015) 1 in 42 are boys, Autism affects everyone.


Autism Media is an Autism Advocacy Production Company that invokes awareness by presenting insightful depictions of individuals and characters affected by ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).